Europe has skirted the blackout

Europe has skirted blackout

Archive image "Blackout in Cuenca, Ecuador, 2009". Photo: Jen.0

On 8. January was Europe for various reasons close to. The situation in France, where there are warnings of an imminent blackout, continues to worsen

It was almost time: Europe was facing a blackout on January 8. Europe was facing a blackout, for which there were several reasons. These make it clear how vulnerable the European power grid interconnection is. After hardly any coverage of the near-blackout in the German media at first, quite the opposite in Austria, there were reports about it in the course of last week after all.

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Nato: fight against is or race with russia?

Libya is no longer interesting for Nato, also in the "South" As in the East, it seems to be mainly against Russia, hence the unrestricted support of Turkey

NATO does not want its focus to be diverted from the fight against Islamic State, but continues to see itself as competing primarily with Russia, as NATO’s secretary-general explained yesterday at the start of the meeting of NATO’s ministers of foreign affairs. From a security perspective, we are living in "dark times": "Terrorist attacks, violent instability, breach of international rules", Stoltenberg said, referring to Russia, of course, and not to the breach of international law committed by the United States and its coalition of the willing in the invasion of Iraq, which was the main reason for the emergence of the Islamic State.

It was striking that Stoltenberg avoided talking at all about a broad coalition with Russia in the fight against IS; there seems to be radio silence between NATO and Russia on this point as well, although the Vienna Process exists and France in particular is making efforts to facilitate cooperation with Russia. The only thing mentioned was the need for a better military agreement with Russia to reduce risks. He announced that NATO could leave troops in Afghanistan after 2016 to ensure stability, which is already dwindling drastically. Later in the day, the ministers decided on an extension until 2020 and a further deployment of 12,000 troops.000 soldiers.

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Also the sims love sex

Critical reports about life in the Sims Online communities, on the other hand, do not love their father and mother

With the Sims the world was always in order. For a long time now, the game, which is one of the most successful simulation games, has allowed players to change their characters under their clothes thanks to nude patches available on the Internet "real" look human. But sex was and still is a foreign word in the game. Just like criminality, fraud and other things that in an ideal game world intended primarily for children and young people ­ at least in the opinion of the producers Electronic Arts and Maxis – do not belong.

But this has now apparently changed. For several months now, you can play The Sims online in an English-language version. What is possible, sounds on the page sounds like a harmless game, but at the moment it costs just under ten dollars a month:

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Lviv honors nazi collaborator and war criminal

Lviv honors nazi collaborator and war criminal

Stepan Bandera Monument in Lviv (Lviv). Image: durik1980.0

Stepan Bandera Street was redesigned with German money

Just imagine: A German city like Leipzig or Freiburg im Breisgau came up with the idea of helping to plan a nostalgic Stalin Strabe as part of a city partnership with Russia "Stalin Strabe" which in the further course would lead to a monumental Stalin memorial.

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Driving bans: ministry of transport prepares legal basis

Driving bans: ministry of transport prepares legal basis

Bild: Ruben de Rijcke / CC BY-SA 3.0

According to media reports, the possibility of "the possibility of road bans or restrictions to protect human health is to be included in an amendment to the" will be included in an amendment to the Road Traffic Act

German government prepares for driving bans. This is according to press reports quoting the Secretary of State for Transportation, Norbert Barthle (CDU). The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport responded to a question from a Grunen MP:

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Creative destruction

Asteroid strikes on Earth don’t have to lead to mass extinction, but can also challenge diversification

About 540 million years ago, after a long latency lasting billions of years, a multitude of new species suddenly emerged, many of which, however, soon became extinct again. Before this Cambrian explosion there were only animal species without internal and aubic skeleton, so that actually since the Cambrian explosion there are also only fossils, why the number of the "soft" species before the Cambrian explosion could be coarser than amed. After the Cambrian explosion 470 million years ago there was another, even more coarse "explosion" of diversity of life in the middle Ordovician This is supposed to be connected with numerous asteroids hitting the earth.

470 million years ago for a "short" a few million years, asteroids were hitting the earth. The cause was a collision of two huge asteroids, hundreds of kilometers in size, in the asteroid belt between the inner and outer solar systems. It concerns the coarsest documented collision of the last billion years By the collision innumerable smaller bodies were formed, which crashed partially on the earth and caused sometimes craters of up to 30 km. 40 percent of the meteorites, the L-Chondrites, which still reach the earth today, originate from this enormous collision.

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Was al baghdadi injured in a us airstrike??

While CentCom will not confirm this and speaks of an attack near Mosul, reports are circulating of an attack on al-Baghdadi and Co. in al-Qaim

U.S. warplanes allegedly shelled a meeting of IS fighters yesterday, killing many of them, including the IS chief of Anbar province, Abu Muhannad al-Sweidawi, and Abu Zahra al-Mahamdi, who heads the Syrian province of Deir al-Zour. Rumors are circulating that IS leader al-Baghdadi could also have been injured or killed. However, there are no reliable sources for that.

As it is reported, it was rough meeting of IS members in the Iraqi town of al-Qaim near the Syrian border. The Saudi channel al-Arabija reported that, according to information from tribesmen and a member of parliament from Anbar, al-Baghdadi was also seriously injured in the attack. Its condition is critical. As many as 50 IS members were reportedly killed. Reuters also reported the attack on Saturday killed senior IS members. IS fighters had then raided a hospital to treat their wounded there.

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Latin american publishers against venezuelan government

Latin America’s private publishers have joined forces in a public relations campaign against the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro

Eleazar DIaz Rangel is a journalistic institution in Venezuela. No speech on the subject of the media is complete without the editor-in-chief of the country’s largest daily newspaper. Last week, the person in charge of the newspaper reported "Últimas Noticias" with clear colleague scolding, because the most important publishing houses and newspapers of the Latin American continent have officially united in a media campaign against Venezuela’s left-wing government.

Already since March, more than 80 newspapers from the three major publishing networks Andiarios, Grupo de Diarios de America (GDA) and Periodicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (PAL) have been publishing a daily special page under the headline "We are all Venezuela" (Todos Somos Venezuela). It reports on the anti-government protests in the country from a blatantly partisan perspective.

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Resettlement of migrants: germany pledges 10.000

resettlement of migrants: germany pledges 10,000

Image: Pedro Aragao.0

It concerns migrants from North Africa and the Horn of Africa region, evacuation from Libya also plays a role. The resettlement program is voluntary and aims to take into account the need for protection and the requirements of the labor market

The migration policy hopes that resettlement will save asylum seekers from having to flee through life-threatening stages, and that among the applicants for a resettlement program there will be well-qualified people who will benefit the labor market in the host countries.

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Plasma cutting for maker

Plasma cutting for maker

Granted – on a lightsaber, such a plasma cutter does not completely approach, but what is possible, is already amazing! Centimeter thick steel plates can be cut like butter – and in any form. And this is how it works: An arc is snapped by a copper deuse, creating a very hot, strongly compressed plasma, which is then printed by a gas stream (mostly compressed air) in a beam from the Duse.

The possibility to separate metals with the help of a plasma cutter with little effort, thanks to the ever-fallen prices, even for makers is an interesting thing. Hand-fused plasma cutter is there and again even for 150 euros in the discounter and next to a socket you need only compressed air. In the make 2/21 we give buying tips, show the necessary precautionary statements and explain to a simple initial project, as that works with the plasma cutting exactly.

Also also in the booklet: real handwork

Graphics can also create makers easily – with Inkscape: The envied colleague already carries a new T-shirt with a great nerdic graphic, while your foil plotter with Oden "Comic Sans" letters bored bored? This will be different with our workshop immediately: we show you how to prepare you without design study pictures perfect for cutting plotters and laser cutters.

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